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Clarks Butchery was established in the 50’s when Mr Clark opened his second store on West Coast Rd in Glen Eden. Eventually Mr Clark’s flagship store in Sandringham Rd was closed due to fierce competition and shopping habit’s of consumers was slowly changing. Glen Eden used to host 3 Butcher shops within  500m stretch from the mobil gas station to Parrs Park. But as cars became more affordable and both Husband and Wife started to work full time jobs, shopping wasn’t just limited to the local shop anymore.

As time progressed Clarks Butchery was passed down from father to son (Ron Clark). As other Butcheries in the area closed down, Clarks sustained and grew it’s customer base by offering the service and quality that consumers were starting to expect and appreciate. Over time Ron Passed the son onto his son Steve, following the tradition of his father and grandfather. Steve decided he was destined to be of more value to the community and  move onto greater pastures by joining the police force. To this day, Steve Clark still serves the community on Waiheke Island.

Thus Clarks Organic Butchery was born. Jason Arthurs (whom served his apprenticeship under Ron Clark) Bought the shop off Steve and converted to supplying Organic Meat (with a little convincing from Elizabeth Chalmers of East West Organics) 14 year’s ago. Clarks has been established as an Organic Butchery ever since. Jason sold the shop to one of his apprentice’s Michael Cornwall in 2006 and Michael (at a ripe age of 25) flew the flag for Organic Meat for 5 year’s.

In October 2011 Ivan Mansell was given the opportunity to continue on the tradition and offer Quality Certified Organic Meats to you.

Clarks is proud to continue on the tradition and offer Quality Organic Beef and Lamb, SPCA Free Range Approved ‘HARMONY’ Pork, Certified Organic Chicken, and ‘HARMONY’ Free Range Chicken (free of preservatives, Antibiotics & GMO’s). We also offer a large variety of specialty cuts, game meats, and Award winning Gluten and Dairy free sausages (made in store using our Organic and Free Range meat and poultry). To check out our range, see our price list , or check out our online ordering system. We are also able to cater to very special requests.

We look forward to seeing you and offering our products and knowledge to cater for your every dish.